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Day 4 Cane Garden Bay, West End and Brewer's Bay
On this, our fourth day, we would find ourselves sailing to some beautiful beaches on the island of Tortolla. Awaking in Cane Garden Bay we set sail immediately after breakfast for West End were we took on more provisions, the essentials, you know like more beer, wine and fresh water! Something also happened that was kind of strange and mysterious. Janet, for some unexplained reason, left the group in a taxi having agreed with Capt. Jeff to pick her up at Cane Garden Bay several hours later. None of the others in the group knew why she needed to leave and she didn't want anyone to accompany her. We all wondered what the big mystery was, and when we'd find out.

Having filled our stores full we set sail back to Cane Garden Bay to pick up Janet, and once that was done we were on our way to visit some of the more remote beaches on Tortolla. First stop was Brewer's Bay and then onto Trunk Bay. As expected the weather was perfect and the sailing magnificent.
Day 4 sailing route
Day 4's trek took us to some of the more remote beaches
on Tortolla, beautiful white sand beaches
West End West End boat anchorage
Scenes from West End
Footsteps in the sand Living on a sailboat offers some very distinct advantages for tourists compared to those that are land locked. Having vacationed on Tortolla before I can tell you first hand that you see an entirely different side to the island that is impossible to see if you aren't living aboard a boat. We had access to some of the most beautiful and deserted beaches, the kind you dream about. Often we would sail to within just a few yards of the shore, set the anchor and swim ashore to find a beach where there were no other people. Our footsteps were the only footsteps in the sand. It was wonderful to have such beautiful scenery to ourselves even if only for just a little while. It was so peaceful and so beautiful it really made you appreciate the beauty that surrounded you. It certainly can't be compared to a day at the Jersey Shore, or any other place I can immediately think of. There is something to be said for these deserted places ... Secluded beach
Secluded beaches were the norm
Beautiful deserted beaches were the norm
Brewer's Bay Beach
Brewer's Bay
On this the 4th day we did quite a bit of sailing and while we were sailing we were trolling for fish. Of course the fishing tournament was off to a good start when Cherly caught that first Tuna, but today we would see others join in the excitement with catches of their own. An impressive number of fish were caught and the tournament was on its way. Take a look at these beauties that were brought in on the 4th day ...
Jim and the Spanish Mackerel he caught
Jim with a good size
Spanish Mackerel
Anne with her Spanish Mackerel
Anne showing off her Spanish Mackerel,
the first and only fish she's ever caught!
Darla and her Spanish Mackerel
Darla with her nice size entry,
a Spanish Mackerel
Ken with his Spanish Mackerel
Ken with a Spanish Mackerel
Daisy barking that something is caught on the line.
Daisy telling us that there's
something on the line!
Art with his Spanish Mackerel
Art with a nice big
Spanish Mackerel
Measuring the catch
Unofficial measuring of a Spanish Mackerel
None of us on board were really avid fishermen. I'm sure the only reason we did it was that the fishing poles were there for the using and we all enjoyed fresh fish for dinner, but when it came time to take them off the hook Capt. Jeff came to the rescue. We leaned a neat little trick to keep the fish from wiggling. Pour a little rum down their throat and they stop moving immediately. It's makes it easier to take the hook out. Getting the fish drunk
At this point just about everyone on the boat had caught a fish with the exception of Mike and Janet. They didn't seem to interested in the fishing tournament, but we were determined to get them involved sooner or later.

Daisy relaxing on the deck
Daisy getting ready to take a cat nap
Anne enjoying the view of Brewer's Beach
Anne enjoying the view of Brewer's Beach
Almost the whole gang with the Grand Oasis in the background
The Gang's All Here
Ashore at Brewer's Beach we took the opportunity to take a group picture thinking that everyone would be in it, but there is one missing ... Cheryl.

From left to right: Anne, Art, Jim, Lisa (the first mate), Ken, Janet, Darla, and Mike (chugging away)

Someone had to take the picture!
Mike and Janet with the Grand Oasis in the background
Janet and Mike
Day 4 aboard the Grand Oasis was a day of short sails between beautiful secluded beaches on Tortolla. Continue to the next page for more of photos of these beautiful beaches and our playing on them ...
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