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Island scene All to soon our time in Paradise was almost over. It had been a wonderful week for all of us to be able to share the time together, and it was made even more wonderful by the surprise wedding. I've often wondered how we could ever top this vacation. It was truly a "once in a lifetime adventure."
Ken and Art pull in a Great Barracuda
Ken and I with the Great Barracuda
It was on this, the final leg of our journey that the winner of the fishing tournament would be decided. Yes, I finally won something. Isn't that amazing. Over the week I caught the most fish and on this last leg I caught the biggest fish, a rather small Great Barracuda (left) about 3' in length. Capt. Jeff graciously and delicately removed the hook and we threw him back to delight some other divers and fishermen.

Oh, I have to fess up. Ken did help me reel in the Barracuda as there was something wrong with the reel. We virtually pulled him in by hand so Ken deserves a part of the fishing tournament crown too!
Art holding a Spanish Mackerel
Me holding one of the
Spanish Mackerels I
caught during the week
Janet, Mike, Ken and Darla standing by the Grand Oasis
Janet, Mike, Ken and Darla
Back in Road Town much to soon!
The entire group saying goodby
The entire cast and crew
Standing, left to right: Mary, Mike, Janet, Capt. Jeff, Cheryl, Jim, Ken, and Darla
Seated, left to right: Lisa, Art and Anne


Daisy carrying a really long stick

Yes, it was hard to believe that our week was over and that we'd be heading home and back to winter. It was a wonderful week spent with good friends having good times. Anne and I, I know, will always remember the time spent and the friendships made even closer, and we will cherish these memories for the rest of our life.

We will also remember the special joy that little Daisy, a small black and white Cocker Spaniel, brought to each us during our journey. It seems that when we travel we always make new friends and they aren't always of the two-legged kind.

If you're thinking of a wonderful vacation you should definitely plan a week of sailing in the British Virgin Islands with your closest friends. I will warn you, however, it might be difficult to find a couple who will get married while you're on the boat.

Difficult but not impossible!
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