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With nightfall fast approaching it was time to leave for the wedding reception which was being held at The Last Resort. The Last Resort is located on an island in Trellis Bay and offers superb food and entertainment that we would all enjoy. Sunset at Trellis Bay
Darla scratching the island Moose's head Arriving at The Last Resort we were greeted by the local island Moose, named Vanilla. Anytime someone approached the doorway the donkey would stick his head out looking for a handout. Here he just gets a loving rub from the Maid of Honor, Darla.
The wedding party celebrating at the Last Resort
The partygoers at The Last Resort
Jim, Cheryl, Mike, Janet, Mary, Anne's arm is visible, Darla and Mike
Sorry, I took the picture
Mike, Janet, Darla and Ken at the Last Resort
Mike, Janet, Darla and Ken at The Last Resort bar
Entertainment at the Last Resort The entertainment at The Last Resort was pretty good. A man playing a piano accompanied by his two off-key dogs.

Having enjoyed the day and night so much we all hated to see it end, but our last night aboard the Grand Oasis had arrived and we needed to return to get ready to disembark early tomorrow afternoon. Knowing that we bid a fond farewell to The Last Resort and headed back to the Grand Oasis.
The wedding night chamber
Jim and Cheryl, as a special treat for the newlyweds, relinquished
the main cabin to them. It was the only sleeping quarters where you
could have some fun and not bump your head on the ceiling! Plus, it was a bit
removed from the other cabins.
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