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Now, let's think about this. We're on a sailboat, eight of us, equipped with a Hobie One small sailboat, a two-person ocean kayak, scuba tanks, fishing rods, lots of food and drink, but we still need something else to add excitement to our otherwise boring (only kidding) lives. So, what do we do? We hang a rope behind the dinghy, grab onto the rope and get dragged at high speeds as Capt. Jeff maneuvers the dinghy around the rocks and coral heads. Are we crazy or what?
Surf crashing against rocks
Surf hitting rocks
Cheryl, Darla and Janet drink in the surf
Cheryl, Darla and Janet drinking a cool beer in the surf
Undisturbed beach
Undisturbed beach
Puntinday Bay
Mike, Jim and Cheryl being dragged behind dinghy
Mike, Jim and Cheryl
being dragged behind
the dinghy
Ken and Darla in the surf with the Grand Oais in the background <-- Ken and Darla in the surf

Anne and I in the surf -->
Art and Anne in the surf with the Grand Oais in the background
Jim chugging a bottle of champagne <-- Jim enjoying a bit of champagne with lunch while Cheryl looks on

Anne and Art eating another superb lunch prepared by Mary, the cook -->
Anne and Art enjoy lunch
Art brings in a Spanish Mackerel while Daisy supervises
Art reeling in another Spanish
Mackerel under the expert
guidance of Daisy
Janet catches a tuna
Janet catches her first fish, a Tuna
Jim taking a bite out of the just caught fish (only kidding)
Jim enjoying
As we sailed between these beautiful secluded beaches the fishing tournament continued. We finally coerced Janet into joining and she landed her first fish, a Tuna. Mike, on the other hand, was to busy with a beer in one hand and some snacks in the other hand to grab a pole and join in.
Mike, Janet and Jim awaiting the Sunset
Mike, Janet and Jim
One of the great things about this trip was the bonding of good friends. We spent virtually every waking minute in the presence of these good friends and there was lots of time to sit back, relax and talk about whatever might come to mind. With our separations and busy schedules we don't get enough time to spend with our friends and this was a wonderful opportunity to do just that.
MIke watching the sunset
Mike enjoying the Sunset
Just another perfect sunset in Paradise
The setting Sun over Tortolla
With day 4 behind us we settled into a nice little cove on Guana Island for the night.

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