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Having spent a wonderful afternoon lazing around the beach and the Soggy Dollar Bar evening was fast approaching and it was time to return to the Grand Oasis for our short sail over to Great Harbor. We would anchor for the night at Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke and visit one of Jost Van Dyke's other known landmarks, "Foxy's".
Daisy, Darla and Ken in the kyack
Daisy, Darla and Ken heading back
Daisy's leading the way!
Anne, Janet, Art and Daisy with the Grand Oasis
Anne, Janet and Art in front of the Grand Oasis
Jim and Janet talking about the big one that got away With everyone safely on board, Daisy included, we set sail for the short trip to Great Harbor. On our voyage we saw the first of the many spectacular sunsets we would see during our week aboard the Grand Oasis.

<--Jim and Janet waiting for the Sun to set over Tortolla.

Sun setting over Tortolla -->
A beautiful sunset
Sign for Foxy's Bar Following dinner we all jumped into the dinghy for a night of fun and drinks at Foxy's. Foxy's is another of those legend bars that you hear about in the British Virgin Islands and a "must see." We arrived just in time to see Foxy (right) do his nightly routine which consists of a little guitar playing and lots of one liners. We enjoyed the show, that is, what parts of it we could understand through Foxy's thick island accent.
Anne, Ken, Art, Jim, Cheryl, Janet and Mike at Foxy's
Anne, Ken, Art, Jim, Cheryl, Janet and Mike
at Foxy's
Foxy entertaining the group
Janet leaving our slogan behind on the wall at Ruby's
Janet leaving words of wisdom for other travelers
Leaving Foxy's we stumbled upon a trampoline just laying around doing nothing. Of course the "kid" in each of us mandated that we give it a whirl. I'm happy to report a miracle occurred. Given the amount of alcohol consumed no one fell off and broke their neck. Whew!

Leaving the trampoline we stumbled upon another of those beach bars, Ruby's. It was hopping with lots of loud music and plenty of people. We joined in of course. We noticed that the walls and pillars supporting the ceiling were all written on and Janet left our mark for future visitors to read.
Our slogan: The more they drink, the better we drink!
Ain't it the truth!

Having enjoyed an evening out on the town at Jost Van Dyke it was now time to return home to the Grand Oasis and get a good night's rest. A quick phone call to Capt. Jeff brought him and Daisy to meet us at the dock with the dinghy. A short few minutes ride under a brilliant star-studded sky and we were back aboard the Grand Oasis for our second night.

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