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Darla and Anne while sailing
Darla and Anne
Janet sunbathing while sailing
Janet enjoying the Sun and ocean breeze
With a good dive under our belt we headed for our next adventure ... Virgin Gorda!
Bitter End Yacht Club
Bitter End Yacht Club
Part of day 5 and most of day 6 were spent frolicking on and around Virgin Gorda. Virgin Gorda is a beautiful island located to the east of Tortolla and a definite must see when in the British Virgin Islands. A bit more remote than Tortolla and with fewer inhabitants Virgin Gorda has some beautiful beaches and some exciting rock climbing for the adventurous. Approaching the beach
Arriving at the beach
Capt. Jeff steering to anchorage
Capt. Jeff guiding Lisa to the anchorage
I have to admit Capt. Jeff was a man that I envied for the week spent aboard his Grand Oasis. Can you imagine a life where you do nothing but sail and cater to a bunch of nuts who are in search of fun and Sun? It must be wonderful, much better than doing real work for a living!
The beach near the Baths on Virgin Gorda
The beach above (sorry I forgot its name) is located just around the bend from The Baths on Virgin Gorda. The Baths are a popular spot for those visiting Virgin Gorda. The Baths are a series of very large boulders located along the seashore. Noticing numerous masts anchored at The Baths Capt. Jeff elected to stop for a little while on this beach until some of the activity at The Baths died down. I'm happy that he did as this was one of the most beautiful beaches we visited.
With such an idyllic background it was time to take everyone's picture ....
Anne and Daisy at the Baths beach
Anne and Daisy at The Baths beach
Ken and Darla at the Baths beach
Ken and Darla at The Baths beach
Janet at the Baths beach Janet at the Baths beach
Janet enjoying The Baths beach
Art and Anne being mischievious
Anne and Art playing for the camera
OK, I know this is a naughty picture, but it is in keeping with a collection we have of similar photos taken around the world. It's always a bit fun to grab when it's unexpected and this was no exception. By the way, I wasn't the only one guilty of such crimes and misdemeanors!

Mike and Janet being mischievious
Mike warming his frostbitten hand from
holding the ice cold beer!
Ken and Darla sunbathing Ken and Darla Sun bathing on the
Grand Oasis
Continue to the next page for some rock climbing adventures on Virgin Gorda ...
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