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With the sailboat in tiptop shape, clean as a whistle and everyone dressed for the big event the time for the wedding had arrived. A local magistrate from Tortolla was brought on board to carryout the service. All that we needed now was a little wedding music and the happy participants ....
Spectators clamoring for a view of the wedding
Everyone jockeyed for the best viewing position
Mary and Anne stretch to make sure they see it all
Darla, the Maid of Honor, enters
Darla, the Maid of Honor,
is the first to enter
Here comes the bride
The bride soon follows
Daisy watches the wedding

<-- Daisy makes sure she has a
front row seat for the
goings on

I, acting as the official,
unofficial photographer
have a great view of the
entire ceremony -->
Art the official photographer
The wedding ceremony
The Wedding Ceremony
The Magistrate, Ken (the best man), Mike, Janet, and Darla (maid of honor)
Exchanging vows
Janet and Mike exchange vows
Exchanging rings
Janet and Mike exchange rings
The wedding kiss
Janet and Mike exchange the wedding kiss
Ken and Darla sign the register
The Best Man and Maid of Honor
sign the Marriage Certificate
The magistrate signs the register
The Magistrate signs
the Marriage Certificate
Mike signs the register
Mike signs the
Marriage Certificate
Congratulations to the bride and groom
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