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The rough seas of the Sir Francis Drake channel With our dive at the RMS Rhone complete we set sail for Trellis Bay across the Sir Francis Drake channel from Cooper Island. Of all the sailing we did this was absolutely without question the roughest water we experienced, but everyone stayed focused on the wedding and, thank goodness, no one got sea sick.

You have to admit, the water with its beautiful brilliant blue color is amazing.
Mary and Lisa decorating the cake Mary and Lisa decorating the cake Lisa and the bride's bouquet
Mary and Lisa work on the wedding cake Lisa prepares the bride's bouquet
Janet getting ready with Daisy's help
The bride prepares with the
help of Daisy
Mike pouring some liquid strength
The groom goes in search of
so added strength
Janet doing her hair before wedding

<-- Janet doing her hair
in preparation for the
big moment

Janet showing one of her -->
radiant smiles shortly before
her marriage to Mike
Janet smiling before wedding
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