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If you recall I mentioned a surprise ending to our trip. Well, you're almost there to find out what the surprise was. Having viewed so many of the album pages already and knowing what the trip was like, close your eyes and imagine what the perfect ending to such a wonderful trip could be? Later see if you were right!

Having enjoyed another wonderful day, and our next to last, in Paradise Capt. Jeff set sail for Cooper Island where we would anchor and enjoy our last meal aboard the Grand Oasis. The next morning we would do our last dive at the site of the Rhone, a shipwreck from the late 1800's.
Sunset under sail
The Sun setting as we sail to Cooper Island
The Sun setting over the British Virgin Islands
Jim and Cheryl with a bottle of champagne
Jim and Cheryl with more Champagne!
Lisa, the first mate, and Mary, the cook
Lisa (first mate) and Mary (cook)
Mike calling everyone to dinner
Mike calling everyone to dinner and the surprise of our life
Mikea and Janet announce they are getting married the next day on the boat
Mike and Janet sharing a toast

Having enjoyed another of Mary's wonderful meals (it's amazing how she could cook such good food in such a confined space) we were all sitting around when Mike and Janet asked for our attention. It was then that we got the shock of our lives. They announced that they were going to be married. Now, as if that wasn't enough of a shock, they further announced that the wedding would take place the next day aboard the Grand Oasis. What a delightful surprise for all of us. We now knew why she took off that day and didn't want anyone to join her. She had to get the marriage license. With that news we were all in a wonderful mood and ready to party the night through, but we realized there was much to do before the big event took place the following afternoon at Trellis Bay, Tortolla.
Toasting Mike and Janet And the shark takes a bite!
Another couple fall to the Love Shark!
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